3rd brake light led pulser

The following independent studies have been conducted and SAFETY F1RST™ believes they effectively validate the need for this Patented technology:

  • Flashes are a burst of light which, by definition, are unexpected because they do not appear in nature (other than lightening) this characteristic is the most important feature of these lights, and why they so effectively capture your attention.
  • Pulsing third brake lights improve the reaction time of a driver in a trailing vehicle by approximately 40%. Source: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA 2010)
  • 90% of rear end collisions are avoidable if the following driver had one more second of warning. Source: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA 2010)
  • A pulsing brake light increases drivers reaction times by 14.5 feet at 50MPH and 20 feet at 65MPH. Source: Daimler Benz Safety Study (2005)
  • The human eye recognizes dynamic flashing light more quickly than it recognizes static solid lights Source: AMAHURT Study (2010)
  • 50% of drivers age 18-24 say they have texted while driving. Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (2009)
  • Texting while driving increases crash risk by 23 fold. Source: Virginia Tech Transportation Institution (2009)
  • Impairments associated with cell phone use can be as profound as those associated with drunk driving.Source: University of Utah Study (2006)
  • “AT&T survey finds that more than half of commuters are texting while driving” Source: (March 2013)